Chadwick Library Edition

Selected Written Works of Rudolf Steiner

About the Chadwick Library Edition:

The Chadwick Library Edition represents an endeavor to republish—mostly in new or thoroughly revised English translations—several written works of Rudolf Steiner. The edition is named for the late horticulturist Alan Chadwick, whose life and work has served as inspiration to the small group from which the idea originated. Our extensive experience with special bindings led to the selection—for this “trade edition” of 750 books—of a leather spine binding, cloth sides, and a light slipcase. For the hand-numbered edition (100 books), the binding is full leather with a hand-gilt top of the pages in a fine, stiff, cloth-covered slipcase. The leather is blue calfskin, and the title stamping on the spines is in genuine gold leaf. All of this is being carried out by hand at one of the finest binders, Ruggero Rigoldi.

Hymns to the Night

by Novalis

A new translation of the German classic.
Mercury Press (2015)

Love as the Source of Education:
The Life Work of Helmut von Kügelgen

WECAN Books (2016)

Essays on education by pedagogue Helmut von Kügelgen

Poems by Christian Morgenstern

A series of poems in Paraphrasis, a column on translation at La Piccioletta Barca Magazine